Cultural Harmony leads to happier employees. Measure the strength of yours with CHOIR.

By Surraya Sumner, 10 May 2024
4 mins read

The happiest, most productive companies are those where leaders, managers and employees perceive and experience the organisation in the same way. In other words, they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.

But how can you be sure that’s the case?

You can use our new culture measurement tool, CHOIR, to find out.

Mav Meets… Michael Jones, our sales outreach guru

By Garry Mockeridge , 12 February 2024
5 mins read

Agency Sales is all about selling lots of services and smooth-talking prospective clients into signing lucrative contracts, isn’t it? Not at Maverick, it isn’t. Michael Jones, our Group Partnership Director, is more about listening, learning and long-term relationships. We chatted with him about his role and his approach to it.

From Doubters to Believers – five marketing lessons from Jurgen Klopp

By David Cavilla, 8 February 2024
6 mins read

I’ve worked in our client services team for a decade and I love what I do (even if, on some days, I definitely don’t love it!). One of my other big passions is Liverpool football club, who I’ve followed since the late 1980s. Very recently, the Liverpool manager announced he would be leaving at the end of this season.

Not just any manager. The Boss, the Gaffer, the Leader – Jurgen Klopp.

Five things your client is not telling you

By Simon Derungs, 23 January 2024
3 mins read

A few years back I worked on a campaign for Swiss bank UBS (this was before they lost $50bn by the way). The campaign, ‘You & Us’, focused on the power of relationships, and was extremely successful in building the UBS brand.

One of the ads we made was a 30 second film featuring clients just staring at the camera, not saying a word. The message was clear – “we listen very closely, especially to the things you don’t say”. It was a terrific insight into the nature of agency/client relationships….

Marketing Predictions for 2024

By James Scrivener, 17 January 2024
5 mins read

With 2024 in full swing, there’s already a sense of momentum, as new trends in marketing start to emerge. To keep you on the pulse of what’s happening across everything from AI to analytics, we asked some of our Maverick experts to look into their crystal balls…

Who cares if your UX is bad?

By Matthew Hellicar, 3 January 2024
5 mins read

There’s a lot of noise around UX these days. It seems everyone and their dog is suddenly a qualified UX guru and is claiming twenty years of experience in designing user experiences of every flavour. The reality is different. I would suggest that many of the people who are claiming that status are unlikely to have a good understanding of what UX actually is.

This Year’s Christmas Ads – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By Simon Derungs, 15 December 2023
4 mins read

It’s December, so all the 2023 Christmas ads have been aired, enjoyed, criticised, or (worst of all) ignored.

It’s been a mixed sack this year, some corkers, some stinkers. So here we go with my Sergio Leone-inspired Christmas advertising platter…

Mav Meets… Daisy Hare one of our Senior Account Directors

By James Scrivener, 28 November 2023
4 mins read

What do data analytics, social algorithms and being ‘a safe pair of hands’ have in common? They’re all part of the day job for Daisy Hare, a Senior Account Director within The Maverick Group’s Hub. When she’s not crunching numbers, she’s building relationships both in and out of the agency, making sure our clients (and our people) feel happy and supported.

Hunger-tackling ‘Emergency Plate’ campaign gets a second course

By James Scrivener, 20 November 2023
2 mins read

With a worsening cost of living crisis and the cold weather approaching, The Felix Project, one of London’s leading food distribution charities, has launched a second Empty Plate Appeal. The appeal will fund meals for London’s hungry for the second year running.