Marketing Predictions for 2024

By James Scrivener, 17 January 2024 | 5 mins read

With 2024 in full swing, there’s already a sense of momentum, as new trends in marketing start to emerge. To keep you on the pulse of what’s happening across everything from AI to analytics, we asked some of our Maverick experts to look into their crystal balls, and make their predictions of what you can expect to see in the year ahead.

Surraya Sumner, Insights Director

  1. Wellness-washing. Brands will need to be authentic and transparent when it comes to the health benefits their products offer.
  2. Increased AI integration in research, both in terms of data collection and data analysis.
  3. Crypto goes mainstream, if the SEC approves Bitcoin ETF funds.

Silvia Santamaria, Executive Producer

  1. Storytelling is less linear. Ditch the opening hook as brands use it midway through a story, stopping viewers in their tracks.
  2. Social content mixes it up. While video isn’t dead, social pros will use a mix of content, diversifying.
  3. AR (Augmented Reality) goes on the rise. This is the year it could finally revolutionise e-commerce.

Matthew Hellicar, Director of Technology

  1. Design processes go dynamic. As rich AI-driven capabilities will help provider faster feedback loops between clients and providers.
  2. AI analytics drives better user insights. AI-based technologies will help to design and deliver improved user experience.
  3. Modern decision-making. Confirming decisions with consulting an insight AI will become a thing of the past.

Dan Plotkin, Creative Director

  1. Humour makes a much-needed return. Brands will dial-up the funny to grab attention and distract us from our everyday doom and gloom. Laughter is universal and has the power to unite.
  2. 90s nostalgia is on the rise. There’s a cultural push-back against tech and we are harking back to a time before it dominated our lives. .
  3. More expressive and creative AI. The expressive power of AI will be unleashed – bringing about an explosion of disruptive and surreal creativity.

Daisy Hare, Senior Account Director

  1. Short form videos. We are all well versed now in the increased performance metrics of video content, and a lot of brands are already doubling down on short form content, specifically on YouTube. Watch this space!
  2. Social commerce. With advertisers struggling to attribute paid spend, a push towards a seamless purchase journey through social commerce will become a must for brands.
  3. Interactive Ads. Through AR and VR technologies enable users to engage with ads and participate in the ad experience more than ever and deliver a better shopping experience.

Chris Tedman – Managing Director

  1. AI-driven personalised marketing gains prevalence. Using customer data for highly targeted campaigns and improved conversion rates.
  2. Marketers will expand their presence in the metaverse. It finally gets it’s time in the sun, as they explore it for immersive advertising and innovative consumer engagement.
  3. Sustainability takes centre stage. With brands emphasising eco-friendly practices to align with growing consumer concerns and values.

*This post was entirely constructed with AI. Trust the MD to shirk his content responsibilities…

 Kevin Allen, Strategy Director

  1. Premium brands might struggle. Consumers will start opting for genuine low-cost value, individuality, or recognised luxury.
  2. Purpose-led marketing will see brands fail. Instead, brands that incorporate it into their culture will succeed.
  3. Smart companies will combine AI with humans. Fusing the capability and scalability of AI with the EQ of people to respond to customer comments and reviews with speed and personality.

 Neame Ingram, Creative Director

  1. The welcome return of humour. Entertaining people is a great way of making a message more memorable and a lighter touch is exactly what we all need.
  2. More big brand ideas, less tactical one-offs. Hopefully disrupting the recent approach of adopting one-one ads and quick tactical messages.
  3. Luke Littler overload. He’s great, but he’s going to be everywhere, selling everything in 2024. His bank balance will have certainly hit the bullseye.

 Louise Ludgrove, Global Account Director

  1. AI Translation. Generative AI presents a groundbreaking scale of automation for the language industry.
  2. AI Voiceover. Multilingual AI voiceover and dubbing goes mainstream as these services are used as standard.
  3. Expertise. Specialised cultural knowledge is prioritised, especially whilst new technologies are being tested.

Nick Addecott, Director of Sports & Entertainment

  1. Sports sponsorship shifts towards sustainability. Brands will prioritise partnerships with sports organisations and events that align with their values.
  2. The rise of digital sponsorships. The sports industry will see brands tapping into the growing popularity of digital and e-sports consumption.
  3. Data-driven partnerships. Brands will leverage advanced analytics and AI to help them select, optimise and measure their sports sponsorships and strategies.

And finally, a few fun predictions from Nick too…

  • Rory Mcilroy to play in a LIV golf event
  • Luke Littler to win SPOTY
  • France to win the 6 Nations

So, did we miss anything? Or have we cracked the definitive list of marketing trends? Regardless of your own big predictions for 2024, we’d love to hear from you and see if we can help you tackle some of the larger opportunities for your marketing mix.