Mav Meets… Jade Newman & Klara Olufs, our Social Exec Dream Team

By James Scrivener, 29 June 2023 | 8 mins read

Whether it’s lining up content for LinkedIn or investigating new concepts for Instagram, our social media team is always on the hunt for something fresh and exciting. In this edition of Mav Meets we meet one of our dynamic duos, Jade and Klara, both running programs for our clients (and for Maverick itself!) and putting their signature flair on our social media work.

What attracted you to The Maverick Group and tell us a little about your roles in the social media team?

Jade: When I first came across The Maverick Group, I was immediately drawn to the vibrant and diverse portfolio they had. As a recent university graduate, I was eager to embark on a new challenge and delve into the dynamic world of social media marketing. The company’s impressive work showcased their expertise across multiple facets of the marketing industry, which instantly took my interest.

Joining The Maverick Group’s social media team has allowed me to fully explore and unleash my creativity. We work together to craft engaging and impactful social media content and campaigns. Seeing your own ideas be evolved through artworkers and copywriters, to delivery on a client’s social media feed will forever feel exciting.

Klara: Similar to Jade’s story, I was quite interested in the great portfolio The Maverick Group had to offer. Seeing all these projects and campaigns they had done previously, really sparked my interest and curiosity. I always wanted to work in a creative agency that focused on smart strategies combined with outstanding creatives, which The Maverick Group offered.

As the social media team, Jade & I work together very closely. Planning out and brainstorming content whilst making sure to meet the client’s expectations really is enjoyable and rewarding, especially seeing your ideas come to life on socials.

What do you find most enjoyable and rewarding about your work? Is there a particular daily role, project or client that really stands out for you?

Jade: It’s hard to single out one project or client, for me I would say one aspect of the role I find really rewarding is purely the trust that our clients have in us to deliver engaging content. Looking at our Adecco client and their CEO for One Month programme, we introduced new social channels to the mix for this year’s campaign, and bought in influencer partnerships, both of which have seen amazing success and to be a part of this initial ideation and see it through to the delivery has been really fulfilling.

The work we are doing on Mavericks own social channels has also been really enjoyable. Having such a collaborative team structure, it’s enabling us to create more impact and get the Maverick name out into the world.

Klara: I’d say working together as a team really is the most enjoyable part about our work – especially our brainstorm sessions. It’s really great to get together and think of creative ideas or interesting trends we could do, especially since we have our client’s trust, especially when we go ‘full Gen Z’!

What are the best experiences you’ve had while working here at Maverick? How have these contributed to your growth and development?

Jade: One aspect of my role at The Maverick Group that I highly enjoy is the client-facing nature of the job. Building strong relationships with our clients has been instrumental in my personal growth and has significantly boosted my confidence, particularly in presenting ideas. These interactions have not only fostered trust but have also provided opportunities to showcase our creativity and expertise.

Exploring the creative possibilities of different social media platforms has been a great experience. From crafting engaging TikTok videos to developing unique strategies tailored to each platform’s strengths, I have been able to expand my knowledge and skills in navigating diverse social media landscapes.

Klara: It’s the people! The people at Maverick have been great at supporting me at everything I do, which I think is really empowering. I really appreciate everyone looking out for each other and making sure what you’re doing is comfortable for you. I’d have to say the everyday contact with my colleagues is the best learning and developing I have experienced – there’s so much to learn from everyone and no one shies away from helping other people developing their skills further!

Can you fill us in in what a typical day in your role?

Jade: A typical day in my role involves a diverse range of responsibilities. I start by curating and planning content for our clients’ social media channels, developing a content calendar that aligns with their objectives and target audience. Throughout the day, I actively engage with audiences across social platforms, responding to comments, messages, and mentions. I produce social media reports using analytics tools to track key metrics of our content. Collaborating with copywriters and designers, I write clear briefs to ensure the creation of compelling social media content. Additionally, I stay updated on the latest trends and conversations to ensure content is always reactive. It’s a dynamic role that combines creativity, community management, data analysis, and collaboration to deliver impactful social media experiences for our clients. No two days are the same and I love it.

Klara: It’s always good to start your day on the lookout for anything new on your channels. Any comments, likes or messages are worth going through at the beginning of the day to make sure you’re keeping your audience engaged and interested. I also make sure to check our content calendars and project plans, that way we can guarantee we are keeping track of everything and take care of the posts that need to go out that day. It’s always worth checking how your content is performing and to make an internal note for upcoming content. If it’s a briefing day, I’ll make sure to brief our creatives as detailed as possible, so they can bring our visions to life. At the end of the day, it’s always worth taking care of the social community again, as several messages and comments come in during the day. Community management is key to a successful social media presence!

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and best practices? Are there any resources or strategies that you find particularly helpful?

Jade: I often read the likes of Later and Hootsuite’s blog to stay up to date with the latest trends and how to best optimise social media channels. Social Media Today is a great site for staying updated with the latest updates to social platforms. Allocating time each day to have a scroll through all the platforms you work on for your clients to see what types of content are getting engagement, what formats are being pushed out by the algorithm, and of course to check what competitors are doing is always going to be time well spent. With social media being such a fast-paced industry and becoming such a huge part of brands marketing strategies, you can never do too much learning.

Klara: Honestly, being present on any type of social media channel helps to keep up with the latest trends! As social media is such a huge topic and trends tend to change every day, it’s easiest to just have a look at all the common platforms and looking out for anything innovative and interesting trend-wise. Also following any social media strategy influencer can help being on track with any updates on the latest social media strategies, trends or best practices.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in social media or becoming a social media executive?

Jade: First and foremost, know your channels! Develop a strong understanding of social media platforms and their target demographics by actively using them and staying updated on the latest trends. Hone your content creation and copywriting skills to craft compelling messages that align with brand objectives and resonate with the audience. There’s a lot of noise on social media, so always think about how you can embrace creativity and innovation to stand out from the rest. Build a strong professional network, gain practical experience through internships or entry-level positions, and showcase your personal brand to establish yourself in the industry.

Klara: Incorporate your passions in the work you do. Yes, social media is a big part of our world, though some may still think it’s not real work – but it is! And what’s important to stand out to others, is having a passion. Only then you’ll be able to differentiate your social content to others, which is the best thing you can do in the social media industry!

What do you believe are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the social media industry today?

Jade: A lot of the challenges I would say come down to the changing algorithms. One format of content that is favoured one week might receive low engagement the next (Instagram I’m looking at you here!). Brands need a social media strategy that is agile, so it can be easily tweaked, and content repurposed to suit the changing landscape.

TikTok is a huge opportunity in itself. It’s a chance for brands to show some personality and have some fun with their content in a way that is going to attract new eyeballs without appearing too sales-y!

Klara: Social media is very fast-paced and it’s possible you’ll miss something. This can be very challenging – one thing might change during the night and the next day everything is different. It’s really important to keep up not only with social trends, but also social media developments. Algorithms, licensing and channel layouts can change in one blink of an eye – so always be prepared!

What work are you most proud of being involved in?

Jade: I would have to say being involved with the Adecco CEO for One Month campaign. Being tasked with reaching 150,000 applicants for this years registration period for their programme was no easy task. It was a real team effort and as highlighted previously, involved new content proposals, new channels introduced, competitions, influencer partnerships and more. All of these activations combined saw great success and ended with us receiving over 180,000 applicants. Just incredible.

Klara: As great as client work is, I also think the work we have put into our own social channels is something we can be really proud of. In a matter of a few months we have reinvested into our channels and made sure to share insights into our agency as much as we can whilst also keeping our audience engaged. There’s so much great work that we are doing as an agency so it’s even greater to share this work. We even did our first giveaway on our Instagram channel – and we were so happy with the results!

Who is your favourite Maverick and why?

Jade: Grace Beverley – I discovered her on YouTube and followed her journey as she studied at Oxford University. Since then she has gone on to found activewear brand Tala, and fitness app Shreddy. Grace’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, ambition, and having a big enough dream to achieve remarkable success.

Klara: Jenny Bourn! Jenny started YouTube a few years ago as a NY influencer. Back then, she was still studying and did YouTube for fun. What stood out for me was her focus on sustainability and mental health, two topics I am very passionate myself. It’s great to see how she’s giving us some sneak peaks into her real life with real life issues, which I think is refreshing in comparison to other influencers. Check her out – her YouTube channel is Wear I Live!

That’s it! If your business or brand could do with a social media overhaul, or just a consistent presence on the channels that matter for you, get in touch with Jade, Klara and the team.