Pulsify | Episode 2 Harnessing the power of data

By Surraya Sumner, 17 February 2023 | 2 mins read

Pulsify, the podcast brought to you by Pulse, is back with a new episode. The aim of the podcast is to generate a better understanding of the role of research and help place it at the heart of all client projects.

In episode 2, we speak to Tash Joslin, co-founder of data consultancy Mojo about how collecting data isn’t enough unless you know what do with it and how effective communication between data teams and business leaders is key to successful use of data.

Tash Joslin has worked with big data for over 20 years and founded Mojo, a strategic data consultancy 4 years ago. She and Mojo co-founder Rachel Morgan have worked with some of the largest data-capturing organisations including Tesco, Boots, IKEA and Easyjet, helping them make sense of their data and make data-driven strategic decisions.

One of Tash’s greatest passions is bridging the gap between data analysts and marketeers and she talks to me about being a ‘data translator’, dispelling the fear of data and helping businesses understand and use their data more effectively.