Historically rich and culturally vibrant the Government of Gibraltar know only too well what kind of a jewel in the UK’s crown they represent. The problem was getting that story out there and shifting perceptions about what the country has to offer. They needed to THINK MAVERICK.

We reimagined Gibraltar’s digital experience across all touchpoints with a focus on highlighting its culture, people and geography. This included: new websites for tourism, the central government, international bank, airport, portand football association and national team, ATM interface design, digital branding for the Gibraltar university, museums and office of fair trading, and launch campaigns across digital and social.

We also created Gibraltar Eye, a digital platform designed to give a 360-degree view of the best Gibraltar has to offer featuring filmed content, podcasts, galleries and interviews, created to inspire people at home and abroad. The branding was deliberately “covert” and not associated with the Government’s own brand, so the GibEye brand would be “without politics” and not incumbered by any future political party (of whatsoever colour), so that people would be happy to contribute content, without an agenda, in the future.


Double Digit visitor increase to cultural and local attractions
An influx of inward investment


2bn+ footprint through global press and TV coverage