Forget creative judgement, try creative reaction

By Simon Derungs, 21 September 2023
5 mins read

Were we ever really in any doubt about the power of creativity? It’s what the advertising business is built on, and is the ultimate value-add that us agencies bring to businesses and brands.

The best pitch I ever lost

By Simon Derungs, 18 August 2023
4 mins read

I remember the pitch as if it was only yesterday, though in truth it was 30 years ago. It was back at GGT and we were pitching for London Regional Transport’s fare evasion account. LRT (the precursor of TFL) had been running the “Get a ticket. Not a criminal record” campaign for some time and were looking for something new.

The ‘new breed’ salesperson – how to take the reins

By Kat Tutton, 19 July 2023
4 mins read

As the world has evolved, how has it affected that most traditional of exchanges: the purchasing decision between a customer and a salesperson? With technology on the rise, and customers savvier and more connected than ever, the old school salesperson knocking on doors has run its course. But how do you take your sales approach into the present, or even race into the future?

Mav Meets… Jade Newman & Klara Olufs, our Social Exec Dream Team

By James Scrivener, 29 June 2023
8 mins read

Whether it’s lining up content for LinkedIn or investigating new concepts for Instagram, our social media team is always on the hunt for something fresh and exciting. In this edition of Mav Meets we meet one of our dynamic duos, Jade and Klara, both running programs for our clients (and for Maverick itself!) and putting their signature flair on our social media work.

What ever happened to straight talking?

By Simon Derungs, 19 June 2023
4 mins read

I heard an interesting thing recently. In response to a politician’s speech, a media commentator said that “it’s lacking a bit of Ronseal”. Of course, he was referencing the brilliant Ronseal tagline “It does exactly what it says on the tin”, a statement that’s now so much a part of the English lexicon that a whole generation use it whilst having no idea that it’s as much an ad line as “Simples” or “Have a break”.

Stadium Golf Tour Tees off at Twickenham!

By Nick Addecott, 8 June 2023
2 mins read

Stadium Golf Tour, a ground-breaking initiative that will transform iconic sporting stadiums across the UK into unique golfing experiences, hosted a special media preview night at Twickenham Stadium last night ahead of the first days play at Twickenham Stadium. The preview event was attended by rugby stars Danny Care and Ugo Monye alongside key UK media and partners Wilson Golf and Ellesse…

Mav Meets… Tom Ramsay, The Maverick Group’s Creative Services Director

By James Scrivener, 3 May 2023
7 mins read

It’s like playing the most advanced level of advertising Tetris, while balancing on a tightrope (of client needs vs. available resources) and doing it against a large countdown clock, as deadlines loom. Why would anyone want this seemingly impossible role? We spoke to our Creative Services Director, Tom, to find out why he’s a sucker for this unique form of punishment, and also why it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs in the agency.

The Future of Mobile Augmented Reality

By Katherine Le, 13 April 2023
5 mins read

Almost imperceptibly, Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) is infiltrating our daily lives. The concept has been around since 1901 when The Wizard of Oz author Frank L Baum imagined ‘Character Marker’ spectacles that could overlay data onto real life. A mere 90 years later, his idea came to fruition!

Twickenham Stadium to transform into golf course this summer

By James Scrivener, 20 March 2023
2 mins read

Twickenham Stadium will be the flagship venue for a new golf tour arriving in the UK this summer. Through a collaboration with US based golf company, Stadium Golf Tour, sports marketing agency Maverick Sports + Entertainment | The sponsorship experts, and the stadium, a new tour has been created that affords golfers the chance to play in some of the most iconic stadia in the world, including now, the home of England Rugby.