Black History Month | Titles from the CRASH bookshelf

By Denielle Govender, 18 October 2021
5 mins read

If you’re in need of a good book this October, look no further. In honour of Black History Month, Team CRASH have put together a selection of key reads, recommended by our very own EDI team.

Mav Meets… Team CRASH – here to shatter the norm

By Peri Lyon, 22 June 2021
9 mins read

A Crash isn’t just the collective noun for a group of rhinoceros. It’s also the name of our new Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity (EDI) team, committed to making our business, and the wider world, a better, fairer, more enlightened place. Although EDI is an organic part of our culture and how we constantly challenge and evolve, there’s room – and an obligation – to go further and disrupt stereotypes; to shatter the norm.