TMG put ‘car buying that revolves around you’ centre stage for CarStore

By James Scrivener, 12 May 2022
2 mins read

Pendragon and The Maverick Group are set to launch CarStore’s first major Advertising campaign since a major re-brand at the end of 2021. The extensive integrated campaign for the one of the UK’s leading automotive retailers will run across TV, VOD, OOH, press, radio, online and digital, with all channels encouraging consumers to “buy your way”.

Running the perfect project | The 5 phases of Project Management

By Kelly Hennessy & Peri Lyon, 13 April 2022
9 mins read

To run the perfect project, you’ve got to work closely with your agency’s Project Manager. If you want to know why Project Managers (PMs) are important, try running a project without one. Project Managers are multi-tasking magicians, keeping multiple plates spinning AND reporting back on each one.

Dynamic Marketing: how to use content and data to deliver results

By Tom Lenham, 30 March 2022
10 mins read

1.7 seconds. That’s how long Facebook estimates a brand has to interact with a customer. Attention spans are in free-fall as consumers are bombarded by ads across the digital landscape. With precious little opportunity to make an impact….

Social media trends for 2022

By Jade Newman & Peri Lyon, 21 January 2022
12 mins read

Given that so much of 2021 in real life frankly sucked, let’s take a trip to social media land. Over the last 12 months, the landscape has evolved, bringing new functionalities, an even greater focus on video and the rise of social listening. It was all interesting stuff and 2022 is shaping up to be just as fascinating. Join us as we say goodbye to ’21… and peer into the future.

Smarketing: how to get your Sales and Marketing aligned

By Peri Lyon, 16 December 2021
8 mins read

When Sales and Marketing work together, something magical happens. We’re going to explain why this partnership’s so powerful and how you can build your own. Introducing Smarketing: the ultimate power couple.

The big Maverick marketing glossary

By Peri Lyon, 22 October 2021
20 mins read

If there’s one thing marketers love, it’s coining a shiny new term. New concepts, words and phrases seem to emerge within the marketing industry in a non-stop stream. But fear not. Our big Maverick marketing glossary is here to keep you up to date.