Mav Meets… Jade Newman & Klara Olufs, our Social Exec Dream Team

By James Scrivener, 29 June 2023
8 mins read

Whether it’s lining up content for LinkedIn or investigating new concepts for Instagram, our social media team is always on the hunt for something fresh and exciting. In this edition of Mav Meets we meet one of our dynamic duos, Jade and Klara, both running programs for our clients (and for Maverick itself!) and putting their signature flair on our social media work.

What’s the best channels for your content?

By Tom Lenham, 5 July 2022
14 mins read

So, you’ve decided to launch your content marketing campaign. You’ve got an idea of what you want to say, (and, obviously, what you want to sell). You’ve bought into the concept that this isn’t an instant win, but a longer-term approach based on building a relationship of trust with your audience. This is usually the point when the questions start to creep in…. ‘Should I focus on articles on the website? Or fun posts and quizzes on social media. Or how about an e-book with an ad campaign?  

Social media trends for 2022

By Jade Newman & Peri Lyon, 21 January 2022
12 mins read

Given that so much of 2021 in real life frankly sucked, let’s take a trip to social media land. Over the last 12 months, the landscape has evolved, bringing new functionalities, an even greater focus on video and the rise of social listening. It was all interesting stuff and 2022 is shaping up to be just as fascinating. Join us as we say goodbye to ’21… and peer into the future.