Marketing Myths: Traditions that were actually created by Marketers

By Simon Derungs, 23 January 2023
5 mins read

A big fat sparkly diamond ring to mark your engagement? You can thank marketers for that. Unwrapping a pair of argyle socks or pungent cologne for Father’s Day? You can thank marketers for that too. The online shopping mayhem of Black Friday? Yup, you guessed it – marketers at work!

10 things I learnt when I went client-side

By Simon Derungs, 17 January 2023
6 mins read

Yes, I have been there. Four years client-side after a long career in creative agencies really opened my eyes to a world that I thought I knew. Turns out I really didn’t know much of anything at all. Becoming a client was an eye-opener, I can tell you, and not always in the ways I’d expected.

What is employee satisfaction and why is it important?

By Peri Lyons, 20 December 2022
8 mins read

Are you happy in your job? It seems a lot of us aren’t. In the wake of the pandemic, 40% of employees say they’re likely to leave their role in the next three to six months.  While the reasons for leaving a role are numerous, there’s no doubt that being unsatisfied at work can be a key contributor to looking for that elusive greener grass.

Culture versus process

By Ross Langdell, 20 December 2022
5 mins read

Every day, all over the world, the same scene is playing out. A puzzled and disappointed management team is trying to understand why their shiny new processes haven’t been taken on board. After all, the changes are an improvement; a way to work smarter and more efficiently. Yet here they sit by the wayside, as the team chugs on with their old ways of working.

What is your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and why is it important?

By Peri Lyons, 30 November 2022
10 mins read

Why should someone join your organisation? What’s in it for them? What benefits can it offer? Why is it special? And is it a good place to work? The answers to these questions are what set your organisation apart and make it distinctive. Boil them down into an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and you get a powerful secret weapon in the never-ending battle for top talent.

The advantages of a Content Management System (CMS) for your business website

By Peri Lyons, 29 November 2022
9 mins read

In the past, the website was a mysterious beast – a mass of indecipherable code, tended by a web wizard with magical tech powers. Today, building and maintaining a website can be done by almost anyone, thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS).

What is a multi-brand strategy?

By Peri Lyon, 27 October 2022
8 mins read

When a company sells products or services via several brands, it has a multi-brand strategy. Take Pendragon, for instance. You may not know the name, but you may well know CarStore, Evans Halshaw and Stratstone, its motor retail brands. Multiple brands enable a company to target different audiences, secure greater shelf space and grab more market share. Is multi-brand a smart approach? It can be, but it’s not for everyone.

Pulsify | The new strategy podcast series

By James Scrivener, 20 October 2022
2 mins read

Covering the world of research, data and insights, the Pulsify pocast series will look at different ways of approaching research, what value it adds, and of course how we measure it. Whether it’s new-fangled research methodologies, or hearing from the experts on how they use data and insights to really understand their audience, Pulsify looks to help listeners tackle the biggest questions around brand growth, product development, creative concepts and customer closeness.

Mav Meets… Simon Derungs, our new Client Services Director

By Peri Lyon, 13 September 2022
7 mins read

If anyone can say they’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt, it’s Simon Derungs. Our new Client Services Director has explored every corner of the industry: agencies, consultancies and client-side. He’s worked on iconic ad campaigns, masterminded Olympic sponsorship and been sought out by industry titans for his expert advice. As you’d imagine, Simon is privy to a view of planet advertising that few others have ever seen.