Mav Meets…. Chris Tedman, the new Managing Director of The Maverick Group

By Peri Lyon, 13 September 2021
8 mins read

When I first joined there were about 20 staff in one room in London’s Leathermarket, and new job numbers were handwritten in a book. Since then, we’ve moved a couple of times, peaked at about 120 staff, spread out over six floors, and brought in modern systems and infrastructure….

Account Based Marketing | How to kick off an ABM campaign

By James Scrivener, 8 September 2021
10 mins read

What if we said forget your lovely big pile of sales leads – just concentrate on a handful? Sound counter-intuitive? Downright terrifying? Welcome to Account Based Marketing (ABM). Like so many things, it’s not at all scary once you understand how it works. In fact, ABM could be your best friend – for one thing it’s credited with turbo-boosting ROI for B2B marketing.

Do I need a content marketing strategy?

By Tom Lenham, 3 September 2021
12 mins read

I’m sitting in a restaurant, enjoying the post-lockdown freedom of a meal indoors with my old friends Tim and Anna. My wife Katie laughs in the raucous way I love, as Tim regales us with a story about the time he and Griff Rhys-Jones found themselves in a heavy-metal club in Aberdeen thanks to some poor directions from a local who mis-heard the word ‘funk’ and thought he’d said ‘punk’…

A guide to corporate video production: how to make the perfect corporate film

By Silvia Santamaria, 17 August 2021
9 mins read

Your organisation wants a corporate video and has given you a budget! You want it to have wow factor – but you’re not sure how to achieve it. We’re going to give you all the lowdown so you can create a film that knocks viewers’ socks off. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing manager or a corporate video virgin, our handy tips will give you the inside track on everything you need to know about corporate video production. 

The Tokyo Olympics: A sporting success, but what about the sponsorship?

By Lucy Cadel & Garry Mockeridge, 12 August 2021
5 mins read

Empty stadiums… locals protesting… the weirdness of masked athletes and socially distanced medal ceremonies… But still, the Tokyo Olympics managed to be a phenomenal success, from a sporting point of view. 

The importance of strategic planning for brands

By Peri Lyon, 11 August 2021
8 mins read

‘If you want to get ahead, get a hat,’ they said. Close, but no cigar. What you actually need is a strategy (although a jauntily worn beret will set you apart any day). Sound strategies let you articulate goals and how you plan to reach them, inspire support, stay competitive and turbo-charge performance. In short, strategic planning is critical – and when executed well, can blow the competition away.