Brand refresh versus rebrand. What does your business need?

By James Scrivener, 19 April 2021
11 mins read

Your brand makes you stand out in the market and gives you an identity. It’s what customers look for and recognise, and represents your organisation’s values and personality. Given how hard your brand works, it deserves a little TLC. Even the biggest companies continually tweak their logos, slogans and brand positioning. The question is, how far do you want to go?

The best British heritage brands and what makes these brands so iconic?

By Sam Steele & Andy Myring, 26 February 2021
10 mins read

Heritage is something you can’t buy – but you can certainly build it. For a brand to have heritage, it obviously needs to pass the tests of time, and we believe it goes deeper than that. Heritage brands stay true to their roots with their products, services, and philosophies, and…