Who cares if your UX is bad?

By Matthew Hellicar, 3 January 2024
5 mins read

There’s a lot of noise around UX these days. It seems everyone and their dog is suddenly a qualified UX guru and is claiming twenty years of experience in designing user experiences of every flavour. The reality is different. I would suggest that many of the people who are claiming that status are unlikely to have a good understanding of what UX actually is.

The Future of Mobile Augmented Reality

By Katherine Le, 13 April 2023
5 mins read

Almost imperceptibly, Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) is infiltrating our daily lives. The concept has been around since 1901 when The Wizard of Oz author Frank L Baum imagined ‘Character Marker’ spectacles that could overlay data onto real life. A mere 90 years later, his idea came to fruition!